AHM are independent Aston Martin V8, V12 Vantage  specialists. We also service and repair DB9 & DBS


At AHM we are fully equipped to service your Aston Martin Vantage. We have full diagnostic equipment (AMDS) to assist with diagnosing faults and to reset your service intervals.

Genuine Parts

We use genuine Aston Martin parts, but our lower overheads allow us to offer very competitive pricing in comparison to dealers.

We carry stock of all the servicing parts required .


AHM use Castrol, Shell and Mobil 1 oils as required

In the V8,V12 the gearboxes are very sensitive to the use of the correct grade and specification of oil. Being a transaxle, it is very important to have an oil that best suits, as you have a LSD, Hypoid final drive and synchromesh all in the same unit.

We stock Shell and Castrol gear oils and the Aston Martin  gear oil for these cars.

As well as servicing, our in depth knowledge of these cars means we are able to handle all types of repairs including –

We have loan cars available free of charge.

Please call or email for details sales@astonmartincare.co.uk or 01252 845717