AHM Aston Martin Sat Nav Upgrade

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New Era Aston Martin Vantage & DB9 the Satellite Navigation is poor and out of date, so doesn’t get used which is a shame as the screen folds out of the dash in such a neat way.

AHM have a set up to mirror your Smartphone to your Aston Martin Sat Nav screen. This means you can choose up to date Sat Nav apps on your phone TOM TOM GO, WAZE, GOOGLE MAPS etc. so your Sat Nav will never be out of date again.                                                                                                                                     Also very useful for displaying your texts, face book updates etc.





We do offer some choices for sound from your phone, first is the most common and simple that we fit, your phones screen will be displayed on your cars display and sound comes though your phones speakers.

If your car is Factory Bluetooth Enabled, the phone can be set up to reduce the volume of the radio or CD player as if it were a incoming phone call when the Sat Nav speaks.

This works very well with the set up above  (it does however say “call ended” after every direction)

We can also add a interface so your iPhone will have its own Aux channel on your cars audio system, to route the Sat Nav voice through the car’s speakers and you can also stream music from your iPhone.

We add a USB input in your glove box, play 100s songs from a USB stick and control with your car stereo with far superior sound quality then a CD and works as a virtual CD changer.

Playlists on the USB stick or iPod are mapped to an individual “Disc” button on car stereo’s dashboard.

If your Aston Martin was not fitted with blue tooth phone prep from the factory, we can add a small microphone to this unit, you can then receive the phone calls through the factory car stereo, answer or reject the phone calls using the car stereo controls, plus use Siri to make a call or control your phone.


  • Your USB media or iPod becomes a virtual CD changer.
  • Change tracks, browse your music files, map them to the disc buttons all via your stereo controls.
  • Folders or playlists are assigned to the car stereo disc or folder buttons.
  • See album, artist and track names.
  • Legally and safely operate your audio device or phone whilst driving.
  • No added buttons, no holes in your ash try or dash.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Audio,  – Wireless music play from your phone to the factory car stereo,  control the music or Pandora® internet radio with the car stereo.
  • Last listened song position within the Playlist is remembered and time position is restored upon ignition cycle.


The OEM Sat Nav still works as normal if required.

Option 1 Sat Nav Upgrade – Video only Audio though phone speakers £699.00 + VAT

Option 2 Sat Nav Upgrade – Video & Audio, USB in put and Blue tooth, now including remote to switch between std Nav screen and the new.  £1199.00 + VAT


Please email or call for further details or to discuss options


This product is not affiliated with any of the OEM manufacturers