Working in house we have spent a lot of development time on the mapping. The V8 Vantages are mapped very rich, and some models are significantly held back by the factory software.

Most 2007 cars on wards, up to the 4.7 V8, are running factory software that is far from optimal. The mid range is poor and the throttle response . Perhaps this was done to aid the sale of factory power upgrades?

AHM  have developed in house software to deal with this, and are confident owners will notice the vast improvement.

We have also found the factory power upgrades to make little more then std power figures ie the N400s only showing 8 to 10 bhp and a higher rpm limit then a std 4.3, still with poor throttle response etc.

AHM have also found some software versions to have poor EGR duration tables making cars run poorly at low rpm speeds in slow traffic, almost a kangaroo effect starts to happen.  Adrian has spent many hours looking at this and driving around with a lambda meter in the exhaust system watching the fuel air ratios to see some odd readings.

Adrian found a poor design, the EGR valve at part throttle low rpm was opening as expected but this was letting un metered air (exhaust gases) into the inlet manifold, effectively an air leak giving the strange fuel air readings

The EGR valve is not required and was for the US market, most petrol cars do not have them, EGR valves fill the inlet manifold with hot exhaust gases and soot, none of this is good for performance. AHM can turn the EGR valve off within the cars software making these cars far better car to drive .

We also raise the engine speed from 750 to 900 rpms, we feel 750 is just a little to slow, this also helps with trans axle rattles when the cars are hot.

AHM have transformed many many  Aston Martin V8 Vantages for people and they are stunned at the results.

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AHM can also offer a remap and software upgrade with our GT4 air filter set up. Using high flow 200 cell cats and a rear exhaust box for your Vantage,  there will be gains of approximately 60 bhp together with much improved throttle response and mid range torque.

We have found this to be our most popular conversion due to great value and not being to invasive

The std 4.3 V8s show around 360 bhp on our in house Chassis dyno, with our Remapping, Air filters and 200 Cell cats around 415 to 420 bhp.

The next stage from this is to replace the exhaust manifolds, these add approx 10 to 15 bhp.

Many tuning company’s out there just buy in their modified tuning files, not here we develop in house.

Adrian has over 20 years of race engine building and mapping experience also being a very experienced racing driver

Remapping costs £599.00 plus vat

Plus a set of exhaust manifold’s these add around 10/15 bhp.

AHM GT4 Air Filter Kit Approx 20 bhp


£450.00 fitted plus vat

AHM 200 Cell Cats Approx 15 bhp


£1499 fitted (if done with clutch) plus vat

AHM Exhaust Rear Box Flap System


£1699 fitted inc gaskets and new fixings if required plus vat

Exhaust manifolds for the V8 approx 20 bhp

Velocity AP Aston Martin V8 Vantage Manifolds Headers Exhaust