V8 & V12 Vantage Exhausts

AHM V8 V12 Vantage DB9 DBS Exhaust Remote Control

Exhaust Remote Control – AHM can now supply and fit  a remote control so you can open and close the exhaust valves using a remote switch from inside the car. The fuse stays in place, you can leave the valves open all the time if you want.

AHM V8 Vantage Hi-Flow Sports Cats 200 Cell


The original catalytic converter will have 600 cells per square inch (cpsi), these original cats are very restrictive in their flow, typically allowing an open area of around 55-65%.

AHM  Hi-Flow Sports Cats have an open area of between 75-85%, thus substantially reducing back pressure and increasing flow rates, all very desirable for extracting more performance.  Emission levels are maintained at legal limits.

Typical gains 15 to 20 bhp.

AHM V8 & V12 Vantage Performance Rear Silencer


Specially for the V8 Vantage, this offers a richer and more powerful sound. Works with our remote switch, enabling you to reduce noise output to a lower level if required. There is also a massive weight saving compared to the OE rear silencer.

Typical gains 10 to 15 bhp.

V8 performance Exhaust Manifolds

Velocity AP Aston Martin V8 Vantage Manifolds Headers Exhaust

The standard Aston Martin manifolds are very restrictive, expect gains of around an additional 15 bhp when fitted with the products above.

V12 performance Exhaust Manifolds