AHM Twin Plate Clutch Conversion V8 Vantage 4.3/4.7

The V8 Vantage is well known for having a heavy clutch pedal and the clutch itself needing replacement at low mileage.

AHM have a replacement kit with a twin plate organic clutch and lightweight flywheel.

Our main aim was to make the pedal feel lighter and improve throttle response and increase the longevity of the clutch.

This conversion means that the clutch pedal feels much lighter, but still more positive than the standard set up.

Throttle response is dramatically improved as the engine revs much more freely and picks up better from low rpm.

The twin plate clutch is smaller in diameter, and has four friction faces rather than two. This allows it to handle more torque, but with less spring pressure, so less wear and a lighter pedal.

We feel that the cars should have been like this from the factory. This conversion will let you fall in love all over again with your Vantage.

The AHM Twin Plate Clutch Kit comprises lightweight flywheel, twin plate organic clutch, upgraded release bearing, new flywheel bolts and new pressure plate bolts. Plus the required exhaust gaskets, oil seals etc.

Flywheels are made from solid billet, chromoly steel.  They are specifically designed to reduce weight and inertia for better engine response.

This kit has been extensively tested on our own car.

In addition, for enthusiastic drivers we can offer a conversion with a even lighter AHM flywheel and a GT4 clutch, these are more suitable for cars that will be used for track days and limited road use as they have cerametallic friction plates, are a bit on/off and can become difficult as they heat up in traffic.

To explain the three friction materials found in clutches

  1. Organic – less aggressive in operation and the longest lasting, so perfect for road use.
  2. Cerametallic – has a higher torque capacity than an organic clutch but are not designed for prolonged slipping, so suited more to track day, race, rally use.
  3. Sintered – very aggressive in operation and not really suitable for use on public roads. They wear quickly. For race use only.

Clutch kits are only sold and fitted here at AHM’s Workshop